Anyone using BioShield 75 and Fogger?

I have a personal project that I have to undertake for my mother and do a little mold clean up work in my mother’s house. I was planning on buying a few gallons of BioShield 75 and a fogger unit after the initial cleanup was done to treat the area so that it does not grow back. This is the same stuff that the H.E.L.P. program is marketing to NACHI members, but I am buying it from a different distributor.

I was curious if anyone is actually using this product whether it be in conjunction with the H.E.L.P program or on their own and what your experience has been with the product. For an initial investment of a few hundred dollars, I think I might be able to utilize the chemicals and equipment in another business venture that I am thinking about after my initial use is done.

I’m always looking for ways to expand my business and am trying to decide if this product performs as well as advertised and worth the investment.


Mold will not grow back if it is cleaned up properly and all water intrusions and high humidity is stopped.

Hi Scott,
Have used BioShield (purchased through ESA, Williamsport PA). Did not fog it, used hand powered spray bottle. Used in the bathroom after some mold cleanup and insistence on using the bathroom vent until all signs of moisture (fogged windows and mirrors) after showering have cleared. So far OK. However, I actually purchased it for sanitization of food prep areas. Local dining establishment is quite happy about it. Chef had read about the product, I was in the right place at the right time to supply the product.

Just had someone from BioShield give me a call and found out that it is not the same product H.E.L.P. program is selling and got a little dirt on that program as well.

I was told that BioShield75 will do exactly what I want it to do and will be buying a few gallons from ESA in the next couple of weeks.

What dirt did you get on H.E.L.P. ?

Contact me off the board or call me if you really want to know what I was told today.

I am a BioShiled installer and have a fogger, have done 4 jobs this year and avg cost per home was .14sf


What are you charging per square foot for installation? I was told by ESA that some contractors are getting about $0.30 a square foot. Is this realistic?

I charged .14sf …now that is for all surfaces…30 for TLS is about right.

Hi Scott,

I sent you an email I think.

I do not know anything more that what has already been posted. This information is several years old and is likely outdated by now. Please do any research on this product on your own through the internet or calling the company directly.

Thank you.