Anyone using MS Excel compatible software

Anyone using Opal Office or any similar/cheaper software than MS excel?

I have a version of MS office but it does not have excel for some reason.

I use the Open Office spread sheet app. and word processor everyday .

I have been using it for 3 years.

Like Michael, I too have been using Open Office for years. I have not had any problems going from Excel to OO and back again. Meaning when I send them as Excel files nobody has any problems opening them. I have both so I can easily verify if things are converting correctly. The best part is that OO is free.

Bruce I use Open Office and have deployed it at a school I do consulting for on 500 computers. Works great. It’s got about 95% of the functionality of excel, the other 5% most people wont miss.

You can get Office 2007 for about $125.00 on Amazon.
Big improvement…it has Excel and PowerPoint.

That is most likely and academic version that requires you to be a student.

Anyone can use it…It’s " Office Home and Student "… there is Vista and XP versions. It came with my Dell Vista and I bought my sister an XP version on Amazon.

I got rid of Ms and went straight to open office though there is a new sheriff in town and I wholeheartly reccomend as in my thread a few month’s back that you try Think Free as it is the same as open office but with a twist.
It also go’s online and allows you to store all your work for free on their servers if you wish to never lose anything.
Why pay Bill Gates a cent.(maybe to reward him for Vista?} yeah right and I’m the tooth fairy.

There is actually an addon for openoffice that allows you to save all your openoffice docs to your google docs account as well. I just did a quick search and couldn’t find it. I’ll have to look more later tonight.

Dominic I loaded google doc when it came out but find the tools cumbersome to deal with.
Thinkfree does the same job as docs and spread sheets with regular open office type tools.
Try it and you will like it.
Google is cool yes, but not alway’s the best.(do not let them know I said that as they might ruin my SEO). shhh!

Haha. I use google docs for a few documents and spreadsheets the I like to be accessible from anywhere. Since I use multiple computers there are a few files such as our user list that I need to always be able to get to. Plus it’s built into our email system too which is nice.

Don’t worry, I won’t tell google…:wink:

I didn’t know MSFT made an Office package without Outlook. Good Info.

My youngest is in college and can buy Microsoft Office Enterprise for $89 all is need is a student id and * e-mail address.

I love working in Washington. Did an inspection for a Microsoft employee. Traded the inspection for 2 copies of MS Office 2007 professional. I was never an outlook fan until I started using the 2007 pro version. The junk filters alone are worth the money. You can get an academic version at Softwareforless for $158.65. All the bells and whistles. Unlike many sellers of Academic software versions, they did not ask for a student ID or email. But since my son is a teacher, he can always get it for me. He loves using the powerpoint for his classroom.

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