Anyone want a 350K sq. ft. retail inspection and then monthly afterward. Ohio.

Let me know soon.

Where in Ohio?


What absolutely amazes me is that he posts this on the message board and there isn’t 100 replies INSTANTLY! A 350,000 sq foot inspection. Hell I would come up from Florida to do it and business is very good here! Let me say that again…350,000 sq foot inspection…

I have requested the necessary information for previous postings to give a competitive bid but nothing sent. I would fly out also for the right price.

Further verifiable info, if any forthcoming, may reveal that it is not a true 350k inspection but just common area images. That is of course if the rumors are true.

Keep us posted as to what happens here.
Who gets it?
How it went?

If I had a OHIO license I would gobble this up and Bring in guys like Dale to assist me.
Thats what this MB is for.


(What would Tony Robbins do)?

Well… first he posted an email for the reply to this work… implying that he wanted an email response… not one in this thread.
Second… it AIN’T what you think it is! so if you’re willing to fly up, drive up, or take a bus for a $150.00 photo session… I say go for it! Business is good for me too, but I can’t afford to perform this one… I’d rather make some cash than pay to take some photos that their mall cop could prolly do while making his rounds. :smiley:

My proposal was accepted. My crew will be doing this one next week. $15,000 for 2 days work. Not bad!! Thanks Nick.:wink:

Right On Linus…I knew you would get the job when you submitted that low price, but competitive, but its not bad for a couple days work–:wink:

I’ll be there next Friday instead of Saturday like I told you, thanks again…!!!

Don’t know why we did not get open bids. I never even got the opportunity to bid it…

Frickin’ low ballers! Seriously… how can you survive working for such chump change???

Figure’s you’d get that Dale to help you out and get an inside scoop. Ought be something in the ethics or sop that I can turn you guys in for… you did apply for the temporary license to work in this state didn’t you? or does Ohio reciprocate with Illinois?

We just do it at night. No problem.:wink:

Bring your new toy.

I could fly for that price.

It’s a good down payment on a new truck. Early Christmas this year.:wink: