Anyone want to go do a training seminar in Saudi Arabia?

Opportunity for someone to instruct in Saudi Arabia for two weeks in July:

When: Departing around July 15th and Returning around July 29th.

Where: Saudi Arabia

What: Instruct new inspectors using InterNACHI Curriculum

Expenses: 100% Paid

Compensation: Negotiable

Contact: Namejs Batraks

Looks like a good opportunity for one of or Vets.

Cool opportunity.
Maybe when I’m retired!

I call it :slight_smile:

I emailed him. I’m extremely interested.

Not while Trump is president. Might not make it back home.

Do you have the curriculum information for the prospective instructor to see what they will be instructing on?

Where in Saudi Arabia? Having just lived there for 11 years, I can say the location can make a difference in how well the trip should go. Eastern Province or Riyadh or Jeddah?

I would love to.

What experience is needed to be the instructor?
I’m currently a CMI and have been an home inspector in Canada for 6 years as well as a licenced electrician for 20 years now.

Ah, but do you speak “Beheaded” fluently? :stuck_out_tongue:

Nachi should put a geography course together.

there is that…

The Taliban, ISIS, Hezbula and Alqueda would just love to have Ole Michael, now wouldn’t they. It would require a home inspector who has some pretty big cahoonas and who has military experience, and a love for his country like no other. Who understands this business and knows how to teach home inspection.

There are a lot of very qualified candidates above with Juan Jiminez as my second recommendation.

I am a redneck and I stick out. Now I don’t speak any foriegn language (only English). I am going to stop for now, so I don’t get in trouble or burn my bridges.

Nah, no I’m not either. Let’s talk money. The Saudis are loaded and I want ice cream. I have had enough stress on me lately and would consider this a vacation where I get to wear a turbine and 1 of those fancy robes, dining with the princess.

Nick, forget about me being an ASHI member as well (I have InterNACHI running through my veins) and just get things rolling for me to be an InterNACHI Instructor worldwide.

You know how to reach me.

2 weeks for strangers in another country to learn home inspection. I don’t know how in depth you want me to take it. Can you explain the hours for me, please?

None of us just jumped right in and overnight knew what we know now. It takes discipline and commitment.

I’m going to tell you straight up right now. I can and will teach the Saudis with a certain understanding.

  • I will be the one in charge.
  • If you show up late, you’re out of my class.
  • If you distract other’s or disrupt my class, you’re gone.
  • You will respect the Instructor, the course content and the others or you’re gone.

I’m as serious as a heart attack and I don’t play. I’m not going to teach anything but home inspection and let’s be very clear on that.

I want all distractions to be dealt with before they happen.

1 last thing … If I should be beheaded, I request that my daughter Autumn be given a lifetime membership and that every Inspector would say a quick prayer for my daughter to have the stregnth to continue following in her father’s footsteps. Nick if you could say 1 of those quick things that you say, when an inspector leaves us.

I’m ready. Let’s talk.

Instructor Michael and his new ride. Stylin and profilin.

E-mail sent. I think the only way that I will be beat, is on price and terms.

Boy, I’m gonna stick out like a sore thumb.

This says it all

This says it all

ناميجس باتراكس،
**أنا رجل مشغول للغاية. لديك معلومات الاتصال التي أرسلتها لك في رسالة بريد إلكتروني. انقر فوق الرابط أعلاه للمساعدة في فهم من أنا لأننا قد لا يتحدثون نفس اللغة.
namyjis biatrakis,
'unna rajul mashghul lilghayati. ladayk maelumat alaittisal alty 'arsalatha lak fi risalat burid 'iiliktruni. 'unqur fawq alrrabit aelah lilmusaeadat fi fahum min 'ana li’annana qad la yatahaddathun nfs