Anyone want to inspect in Saudi Arabia? Two inspectors wanted.

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Sent: Saturday, June 10, 2006 6:16 AM
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Dear sir,

*Please reply whether you can arrange two Inspectors for the ‘‘INSPECTION OF PIPE SUPPORTS AND HANGERS’’ *

The job is in Saudi Arabia & scheduled for Nov/December 2006, in a power plant.

there are a lot of other jobs too.

Please reply.

Does the job come with an AK-47 or an M-16 discriminating inspectors will want to know? :cool:

Wow, the M-16 link is a good site.

Does the report have to be in arabic?

Obsolutely. It couldn’t be any worse than doing inspections in La-la-land (Los Angeles, California. To heck with an AK47 or M16, just give me an old-fashioned British Bren gun, and two grenades, and I’m ready to go.

lol…wont catch my butt doing any inspection there…I LOOK to OBVIOUS and stand out like a sore thumb as a “TARGET” for a hostage…:slight_smile:

I’ll do it for $500,000

They would say…HMMMM…that Abernathy guys looks like a good hostage…AND if we get no money for him…we can always EAT him…:wink:

Hell I will go for enough money. Can’t be any worse than Niet Nam.

Will it count toward CMI certification!!!:shock: Certified Mad Inspector

Forgot spell check s/b Viet Nam

AK-47 - Samuel L. Jackson’s dialog from Pulp Fiction (warning not suitable for minors)

Mr. Nick Gromicko,

Do you know if this ever happened? “***This OLD Post” *** Who got the job for this one, if you remember I would like to message him if still a member.