Anyone want to take a guess at these?

Brush marks are visible but that’s all I know. Maybe it’s copper, but I doubt it. That would be too expensive a roof to put on a house like this. It looks like a galvanized steel roof that came brown from the manufacturer, but the green doesn’t look like paint, there’s no peeling. Looks like they were going for the camo effect.

I’m no expert Kenton, but that’s green paint.

Copper can be checked easy enough with a magnet. This roof appears to have rust coming through in areas so you can eliminate copper. The brush marks may be etch marks from prepping the metal before being painted which would also be my thoughts as well.

There is quite a bit of info on “Aged copper background metal roofing” Some of the picture look similar to your picture.

Here is a link to one company.

A google search may give yo more info.

You can make any metal look like patina’d copper by brushing it with" Miracle grow ".

Looks like they used hand brake or site formed standing seams somebody went to a lot of trouble to make it look like a copper roof if it isn’t.

Looks distinctly like rusted steel under old green paint on close examination. It does kind of give that verdigris on copper impression from a distance though.

70 yr old hippies from The Ozarks wanting the “tie-dyed” effect

That is what I was going to say. LOL

Dan I didn’t know You were from the Ozarks…

I’m going green paint that was watered down when applied.