Anyone willing to help a brother out?

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I would put that one in the common sense arena. We all know it’s not optimal to use it in that fashion, even though it will most likely never be an issue. But what worries me, did the HVAC co. install it that way? If so, I’d question their entire installation.


They ran out of pvc yet they had 60+ ft. of conduit … no true contractor licensing in this state … at best it’s a business lic. and a book test, no apprenticeships.

Well, after talking to 2 LICENSED electricians (licensed through a bordering state) and 1 LICENSED Plumbing contractor - they agree with Brian, they know of no codes/documentation to prevent it but they discourage doing it.
I’m just a deal killer I guess …well in this instance a hindrance to the close of escrow seeing as though my client bought the home anyway.

Feel free to throw your 2 cents into this.

I just spent 10 minutes looking for a problem and see none.

We are talking condensate drain.How long is the run?

approx. 16’
The problem is it isn’t rated for this application and the ramifications of this condensate line leaking are greater than a sch. 40 condensate line leaking. imho