Anything special to look for?

Inspecting 1960’s home tomorrow, anything tricky I should look for?

Aluminum wiring.

Cast iron and galvanized plumbing.

Decay beneath bathrooms and kitchen sub-floors.

The list is too long to type up. Practically any defect could be present.

Look for Vermiculite in attic it could have asbestos,
Floor tiles 9 inch any I have seen have asbestos in them .
Cement asbestos siding .

In my area, first two things that jump out at me…

Solid aluminum conducters
Vermiculite insulation

Next would be…

Electric in-floor heat
Galvanized water supply pipes

Expect double tapped neutrals. No separation of grounded and ungrounded conductors at distribution panels.

Did I already say galvanized pipes???

Another poorly maintained home. How exciting!!!

Joe, how do you report on these. I see it quit often when the neutrals are double tapped and even the ground is on the the same screw as the neutral on the buss bar.

This is how I do it.

Double Tap:

One or more neutral wires are incorrectly connected under a single screw on the grounding or neutral bus bar at the IDENTIFY(electric/panel), and should be serviced. While this is a common defect and a technical wiring violation, unless the manufacturer states otherwise, bus bars are only designed for one current carrying conductor per terminating screw.

Sub-panel bonding issue:

The sub-panel(s) had neutrals and grounding conductors tied to the same bus bar. Sub-panels are required to have a floating neutral bus and a bonded ground bus. Separation of grounds and neutrals is required to achieve this. An evaluation by a licensed electrician is recommended.

Look at everything. Describe what you see.

Thanks Joe that helps.

that is a new home here on the Main Line, PA…