Anyway to insert a flir pic without it going into the editor?

I just want to put the pic in showing the ambient temp in the house and the temp coming out of the vent and it keeps bringing me into the editor that takes those portions of the picture away. Anyway to just insert the pic without editing it?

Go to menu Options - General Options - uncheck “Use FLIR editor for IR images”

Thanks man, I appreciate it!

I wonder why Fluke wont work also

I actually like Fluke myself. Flir contacted us directly and wanted to integrate with HomeGauge. We were flattered and did so. Its a very cool editior that automatically opens up when a Flir image is used and it opens up in a FLIR editor created by Flir. The main reason why some do not like it is on the high end cameras there is a Label that is put on the image that’s gives the temp reading and the label FLIR that many have come accustomed too. The Flir editor removes that label. The lower end FLIR cameras do not so this feature is appreciated by many.

Those interested could watch at 1 minute to see the editor

So are going to get fluke to work also? lol

I don’t have aggressive plans. So much going on. If they contacted us we might. Flir gave us two very expensive cameras and the code and assistance contact. They made it very easy and we still spent many hours to stitch it in.

I like the FLIR editor in general.
Problems I had with it -

  1. I could not find a way to make the default temperature stay on degree F instead of degree C.
  2. When I go to the tab Properties - Temperature Unit and change from Celsius to Fahrenheit, it overlays the previous C temp with the F temp making the temp illegible unless I move the new temp.
    I can certainly add the F temp by using the Spotmeter Tool or Flying Spot Tool. But it would be so much easier to just make Fahrenheit the default.
    So I had to uncheck the editor to just show my original IR picture I took with my FLIR camera the degree F, just to save time.