AP-GfK poll: Americans value privacy over security

The evidence keeps adding up that protecting client privacy is not simply a good business policy, it is what my clients overwhelmingly demand…

AP-GfK poll: Americans value privacy over security

Edward Snowden is a national hero IMHO. Just think how overboard our government would be without whistle blowers like Snowden? Many thanks to Vladimir Putin, a real man who didn’t kiss Obama butt on this issue.

That story has nothing to do with our client’s privacy. These do. Your math is rusty.


Edward Snowden is no whistle blower, he is traitor & a coward who broke his oath to the American People by stealing secrets of national security and running to China then Russia. These Communist lands of openness where there is no suppression. :roll:

If Snowden was a real man he would return to face justice. But being the deceitful coward that he really is, he won’t and will most likely spend the rest of his miserable life in hiding, constantly looking over his shoulder.

You mean like this Cameron? Here are a few recent articles. The ones you posted from 2011 are dated and peoples views have changed when it concerns their private information being released.

FTC Issues Final Commission Report on Protecting Consumer Privacy

Consumers demand action to protect their privacy online

Those articles don’t apply either. Online tracking is nothing like a client choosing to trade an email for a RecallChek and you guys all know it. But the vague and accusatory comparisons continue.

Client’s choosing to use their information to gain services, discounts and freebies has been a thorn in the side of all the guys harping about inspectors connected to RWS. It just won’t go away and people do it all the time.

That is not the issue.

But as usual you display no ability to understand.:frowning:

Yes we know you all don’t want that to be the issue, but the fact remains.

The fact remains that you have made one irrelvant post after another and still persist in your sucking up to a dishonest vendor.:shock::frowning:

I’m sucking up to no one. Stop trying to incriminate honest inspectors and the services they offer and I’ll stop defending them. Only one of us has an obsession with Nate.

An irrelevant post would be the above, no one cares about your post-post analysis. Prove to us all that clients don’t want, like or regularly and purposefully practice the trading of their personal information, specifically emails, in order to get discounts, free services/products or other benefits. We anxiously await.

I have incriminated no one.

Gimmicks are what they are.

Those of us who choose not to use them should not be attacked by a dishonest lying vendor on this message board.

But as usual you display little understanding.:roll:

You’ve never been attacked for not using someone’s products, get over it.

Not true but no one is surprised that you would say that.

Wake up.

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Pay no attention to the liar above.

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The lies have been prolific and have been repeatedly detailed. Not playing today.

As expected… nothing.



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