AP Polls - McCain, Obama Even

Unless of course they show your guy in front, right? :roll:

Pulleeze. :stuck_out_tongue:

Polls are not a predictor of the next president, whether it be my guy or not. get use to it

Of course you are right, the only thing that really matters is the Electoral Vote count, that is how someone becomes president. :wink:

As of October 24th this is what the probable map looks like… Obama 375 McCain 157 Ties 6, but who knows what is really going to happen on election day so keep the lies & dirt on Obama coming. :slight_smile:

Obama’s Lead Keeps Growing

With 33 new polls in today, including eight from key Midwestern states, Barack Obama’s lead keeps increasing. It is largely due to people’s concerns about the economy, but Colin Powell’s endorsement Sunday no doubt helped alleviate fears about his ability to handle national security. Our total now shows Obama at 375 electoral votes, the highest total we have seen for any candidate in either 2004 or 2008. Unless John McCain can pull a rabbit out of the hat next week, it looks bad for him. New polls show Obama with a 10-point lead in Indiana and a 4-point lead in Montana, two very red states. If McCain is going have to fight for deep red states, the swing states are going to be very tough for him. The NY Times has a good analysis of where we are now.

Interesting when you look into some of these polls!

For example the Catholic vote is quickly turning to McCain after Obama owned it a month ago. There are many us! From what I can see being involved in our regions board of Catholic education and a member of the 5 region diocese I can see this number increasing from 11% over Obama to 25% or so.

Another poll, says Obama is now garnering 80% of the Democrat vote! That is all good! In 2000 on this same polling place Gore garnered 92% of the Dem vote! In 2004, Kerry had a very respectable 89% of the vote. The down side is Gore & Kerry both lost! I just looked at this poll yesterday or the day before and for the life of me I can’t remember which one it was. Maybe AP or the business one.

I had some more stuff but I can’t remember.
Wheres Mike when you need the fact machine started up!;-):slight_smile:
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I agree with the whatever poll…Obama 44.1 McCain 44.0 and Obama wins the electoral college. Happy? I will give the righties this McCain is a sure thing for second place. Congrats!

The consolation is that McCain is slated to win a landslide victory over Ralph Nader. :wink:

Who can really trust polls. Didn’t the polls taken in the primaries of Iowa indicate that Clinton would win and indeed she did not. In fact she placed third. (Please correct the state if I am in error). The one poll that really counts and truly indicates who had more voters is the one on Nov. 4.

Whether you are for Obama, McCain, Nader, or anyone else on the ballot, just vote and vote intelligently using correct facts. Not facts from You Tube, Wikipedia, or outlets like that.

Yeah, for REAL truth make sure you glue your knob on FauxNews. :mrgreen: