Apartment air handler

Hi all. I recently noticed a couple of one to three inch holes in the air handler intake. Yellow attic insulation is visable through the holes. Now i’m really looking and see at least six code violations. I know at least two are not grandfathered. That’s the end of my expertise. I don’t know which are important, or how many important ones i’m missing. So i told the apartment maintenance supervisor, “Pull a permit, get it inspected.” That got a solid “No.” Any advice is welcome.

Xtra info:
Construction started on this building in 1990.
Seminole County, Florida
Parcel: 21-21-30-526-0000-0010
Property Address:1116 Pointe Newport Terrace, Casselberry 32707

What is the best way for a complete novice to show pictures?

I got some feedback and perspective at Mike Holt’s forum.

Inside the air handler plenum is a black plastic GE outdoor A/C disconnect (TPN60R type 3R enclosure). … Was this ever allowed? What’s the possibility it’s grandfathered?

" … Not quite word for word the same but I found very similar wording in 300-22© in 1987 NEC, so I’d say unless listed for use in environmental air handling space, wasn’t allowed then either. 300-22© has a lot of same contents as now but not split up into subsections like it is now. …"

" … That all written, a single plastic disconnect in a plenum is not the end of the world. if it’s within your ability, change it for a metal one, or relocate it. …"

It looks like this item is not grandfathered because it was always a code violation. But, it’s not a big deal. Do you folks agree with that?