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What needs to be done in an apartment to condo conversion? What about electric?

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Wow, great question. Requirements vary depending the municipal body

involved. An excellent research case would involve the City of

Huntington Beach, CA. They’ve recently discovered hundreds of four-plex’s illegally converted to condo units without their knowledge, permission, permits, oversight, etc. The fee’s involved ranged from

$15K to $18K per unit. This did not include necessary changes involving electrical, fire wall, parking, landscaping, exterior pedestrian access and or structural upgrading and or improvements. The Huntington Beach Case is interesting because, it involved fraud by Realtors, Sellers and/or Title, Escrow and Lending personal. They sold the units to unsuspecting Buyers without disclosing the units were not converted legally. The FBI

is currently involved and several involved parties are being prosecuted. Refer to your local building department for specific information on conversion requirements in your area. icon_idea.gif