Apartment inspection

What is a fair way to price an inspection of a 42 unit apartment complex and producing a narrative report only?

it’s whatever level of inspection you contract for & you client is willing to bear
hi end/hi rise pay better than ghettos
i’ve done some @ over $750 per unit & didn’t do some @ less than $50 per unit…i never considered these losses

Make sure your state allows a home inspector to do more than a 4 unit apt. Fill out your location information so someone can advise you.

^ This.

This would be a commercial inspection, which is a whole other animal, IMHO.

I would approach it from the angle of how many hours it would take me to inspect and write the reports. Hopefully you already have a figure of what your time is worth.

Does each apartment have it’s own water heater, furnace, AC unit, electric panel?

How many building are there? What exterior items, decks, walk ways, patios, balconies, etc are you including in the inspection?

For example: I would plan on 2 hours of exterior time for each building plus 1 hour inspection time for each apartment, and 1/2 hour of report writing time for each apartment.

Add all that up and multiply it by your hourly rate.

State of Ohio