Apartment punch list

I received a request to do a punch list on a remodel of 350 apartments. The items included in the remodel are painting, counter top replacement, lighting fixtures, cabinet doors, and some units will be getting new carpet and/or appliances. The punch list is cosmetic only and the fault for deficiencies is on the contractor doing the work.
The manager is claiming that they normally take ten minutes to punch and then another five to ten minute for follow up. I am guessing that a half hour is more accurate to complete everything. They are promising a minimum of 6-8 apartments per visit and locations are withing 35 minutes of my office.
Has anyone done this type of thing before and what is a proper amount to charge for this type of inspection.
I also need need to keep in mind that the company manages over 23,000 units so there is potential for future business.

Keep in mind you will work cheap?

Seriously just stay calm and figure roughly $100 @ hr.
Forget the idiot manager or why can’t he handle cosmetic punch lists ?

Staying busy is not same as making money.

This is more than cosmetic or they would not need a H.I and expect calls plus lots of questions later.

good advice. plan on $100/ hr and pad it a little.

Thank you for your help. I have a meeting with the owner next week to finalize everything.