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I have been asked to perform a commercial inspection on two apartment units that’s in need of a “certification of occupancy” from the city municipally. The issue is the client thinks the city inspector has it in on them.

The client wants me to inspect their units to seek a reason why the findings from the city inspector is not consistent to other apartments inspection results within the city. The client provided a copy of the city inspector reports from their properties and one from another property, in which that apartment passed the city inspection (thru FOIA).

Each of the apartments has over 400 units each.

They are not asking me to give my opinion on why the city inspector is preventing them not to get a certification of occupancy but to record my inspection results and the degree of health and safety risk.
How much should I charge for this service as the client wants to pay me by the hour?

Are you ICC Certified and fluent in ALL Codes applicable to the build??

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I told them they should seek a professional that is certified and fluent on ICC codes since they are considering suing the Municipally. I know ICC codes but I’m not certified. The client said they understood as they want an independent inspector to inspect their properties and compare it to the other properties in the city.

IMO, you are not qualified, and since you are going against the AHJ’s opinion and authority, you can bet that you WILL be appearing in court! Does your insurance cover this scenario, and what is your experience as an Expert Witness? I see this scenario wrought with liability. I would decline to get involved.


Walter in my area, building owners with this dilemma usually hire an engineer to perform a condition assessment. Our report would then get submitted with the application for the CO. Many times it takes an initial condition assessment, then a period of time for repairs to occur, and then a final condition assessment before a final report can be prepared for submission to the city.

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I don’t think you’re getting the entire picture of the situation. There are many things that can hold up a CO. From fire department inspections to failed building inspections to engineer letters required by the City. Heck in Denver I’ve seen the City not issue the CO over storm water drainage paperwork issues.

To answer your specific question though, charge the hourly rate you think you are worth. I might even double it to see what you can get.

My name is Todd Webster I work as a home inspector and for a local municipality as a code enforcement officer. When I do a home inspection I look for safety items that may or may not be based on NY state Codes. When I do a housing inspection it is based on local municipality codes and New York state Codes. I had to go through training to get both Licences and certificates. These are very different jobs and without the ability to cite current 2020 code you will not be able to help in this matter. You should tell them to inquire with the local municipality. They will send a Housing inspector or code enforcement officer. The amount they charge is minimal my jurisdictiction was 30 bucks per unit it just went up to 150 and this includes a reinspection so I can’t imagine that it would be worth your time to get involved in any capacity. What ever you decide I wish you luck. Make sure to not misrepresent your service to the client and let them decide


I steer far clear of controversial matters like this. We end up in the middle of enough bad situations when everyone goes in with good intentions. In this case there is already a dispute. Why in world would you put yourself in the middle of that?

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