APCO AC unit 1989 Need Info

I would like to know more details about maintenance of this unit running last 30 years with occasional Freon R22 leak.
Any further specifications details will be appreciated.

Heat Controller inc.
Jackson, MI

APCO Model No. QCH36A-1
B/M No. 3235-7-18B
Ser. No. 28903 148474

Air condition 1989 3 ton capacity
model 8 Seers

Recharged with R22.


Next time it dies… replace it!!


Jeffrey, You are absolutely correct, Thanks for the great advice for replacement :grinning: but this unit just does not want to go out of service. I rather have it running such a solid product.
A new replacement will not last more than 10-15 years but I am open for recommendations.
Secondly I like to know how to zone duct systems with 1 HVAC and 1 Thermostat unit.

At 8 SEER its time for a replacement. These days they make them 2.5X more energy efficient.