Apology for OntarioACHI web site error

We identified a rather large bug in the security of the OntarioACHI main website.
This is not your normal security disclosure, but rather a “better news” error.

Security of our members information is paramount to us, and so we implemented 4 layers of security. As with all open-source software, over time, updates are made and need to be tested. We were over zealous in some of our testing procedures and have since found that the site was too secure!

We were inhibiting members on different levels from seeing some of the menu links and posts and some of the public links were failing too.

We would like to say thanks to the members who contacted us via various means to tell us that content seemed to be unavailable, and we are pleased to say that after 150+ hours of debugging, re-coding and re-testing the site is now performing as it should.

Sorry for the inconvenience and we feel sure you will now be able to get to content that should have been available all along.