App Only Product

Do you offer an app only product or is the PC version the only stand alone offering?

Hi Ken,

Home Inspector Pro currently requires both mobile and desktop if you’re using mobile. We have a lot of advanced features that require extra power to generate the report which is why the desktop is needed. It’s also much easier to edit templates on a large desktop computer than on a small phone. Same goes for reviewing your report once done, especially when you’re working on a large residential or commercial property. We’re working on a way to run it through mobile only by bouncing the information through servers right now but it’s going to be awhile before that full conversion is completed and the desktop will still be required to do heavy editing.

Thanks Dominic. I’m leaning towards your product. The others I’m considering are InspectIt and PalmTech. Is there a guided demo anywhere say on YouTube? Lastly, after purchasing the software, is the $20 for cloud the only recurring costs? Are updates included? I’m looking at the Home Inspector Pro for Windows/Mac + HIP Mobile. Thanks again.

Hi Ken,

Excellent! Yes, there are tons of tutorials online. Go to our website Home and click on Support and then Desktop or Mobile tutorials. You’ll find 1 minute feature videos to 3 hour complete overview videos.

The $20/mo is the only required recurring fee. We have major updates every 2-3 years which are $199 and optional. Updates inbetween are free.

Thanks. I downloaded the trial version.

Is there someone who I can talk to?

Of course! Call us at 888-750-4777, click Live Chat on our site or click Help Desk and submit a ticket, or email