Apple values your privacy, ads firms complain

WTH? I have you on ignore, why are you showing up? Oh, that’s right, you were kicked out of the association and have a new loggin. Don’t worry, I will fix that now. You are not worth anyones time to read, you add nothing to this association or to life in general.

Don’t get your panties in a wad.:p:p
I see your boyfriend is still with your favorite office.

Nice slander on a public site. Let’s see what we can do with this. Ethics violation for 1, slander to me (and I can/will contact the 9-10 people on that site as they were slandered too). Wonder what Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders (GLAD)]( will think when I email them (and those real estate agents) this link.

Anyone wanna chip in on the fund to get rid of this guy for good?

Anyone want to post how/where to start an ethics complaint? Thank you.

Why don’t you just come out of the closet, Clit?

Did you forget how to put me on ignore?

No, I did not forget. I will add you back after all parties have been contacted (the Realtors, GLAD), including the Illinois Dept. of Human Rights ACLU and see if any of them are interested in your harassment of homosexual orientation.

He hurt youdidn’t he?
You really are a sausage cannibal, aren’t you?

Handled, Thank you.

Are you sure you’re at the right forum???

Saved??? save this…

Let’s put it this way.
Would you post the same thoughts to potential clients?

Potential clients are who would need these services. If they are in need of the services and inquire about such services, what is wrong? I’m asked all the time who I would recommend to replace an FPE panel, replace/repair HVAC, fix a leak, home owners insurance etc (I do a lot of 4 points around here)… If they have a Realtor, I leave that to them and their Realtor. Would you rather receive an unsolicited call from an insurance company or ADT or a call from someone that you trust recommended? Now were just talking about whether someone should profit from their work or not? Should I provide all this knowledge for free? If so, how much knowledge should I provide for free? Should I do wind mit’s free? WDO? Mold? Estimates? Repair instructions? Consultations?

I provide services, which ones should I profit from? Just the ones you like?

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Seems someone’s a bit Homophobic. Perhaps if you learned some compassion you wouldn’t feel so threatened. What are you afraid of? “It” won’t rub off on you! Personally, I feel your statements have set their movement back decades. I’m sure they would file suit against “you” if they really gave a **** to acknowledge your measly existance.

Dude, you need to need to listen to your feminine side she is crying out to you. :shock:

The “Glad” bag, cling wrap and food protection link is humorous. I have to say, I don’t think they’re into this. :shock:

How does that make me homophobic? I have never thought of nor will make comments/statements of any sorts like he did. You have no idea who I know, who I befriend, where I go, clients I have worked with, colleagues, people I have managed and or family members I may have. You know nothing about me, so you can leave the holier-than-now statements of “It won’t rub off” and leave it at the door. I have never thought of that, but apparently YOU have. Why would YOU think like that. Linas is the one that INTENDED for it to be slanderous (or did you think it was a compliment to me and/or the Realtors)? Are you saying that because they are gay, they can’t be slandered? Get real! In the process of him slandering me, he may have slandered those Realtors as well. I have no idea how they will feel about it. I will contact them, let them read the posts (his multiple many posts) and let them decide. Either way, it can’t make this association look good with his type of comments.

“THEIR movement”? Who is their? Freudian slip? Are you guys going to attack race, age, family status next or any other federally protected class? Did you mean “Our movement” as in humanity? Again, you have no idea who i know or what movements I have backed or are in favor of (again, none of your business).

Why do you insist on backing the ways of Linas? Do support his way of thinking? Are you homophobic? Why wouldn’t you want to stop the way he attacks people? Do you not have any compassion?

Also, You really think this forum could set ANY movement back into the 80’s or 90’s, LOL? This forum couldn’t set anything back decades, except for maybe a few members thinking.

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Hah, apparently the link didn’t copy right. SMH. Not sure I can edit that post, but I will post the proper link again. Trying to make a point and it will be wasted on a mistaken link :frowning: Tis the way of this forum. Don’t know why I even try. To many bad apples back the ridiculous actions of others.

Corrected the initial link.


Good ones. Referencing pledge takers as NAMBLA members is no better than Linas’ comments.