Appliance gas connectors

Any input on the photo attached? I’m puzzled from my understanding this should only be installed directly to an appliance. I’ve seen them under home connected to hard pipe to fix an offset OR this photo connected to a LP meter and hard pipe that runs under the home.

It’s called a “connector” for a reason :slight_smile: A flexible appliance connector is not typically rated for piping system use.

That pic looks like a handyman special ingenuity. Good enough for this neighborhood!


Welcome Christopher!

Technically, that is a proper install. If it did not connect to that extension pipe, it would be routed underneath the appliance… which would then be WRONG!! Only real concern is that it needs to be protected from physical damage.

Now where’s that “stalking failed plumber” to tell me I’m full-o-shit because it doesn’t conform to some stoopid code authority that nobody gives a shit about in the real world!!

Welcome to our forum, Christopher!..Enjoy! :smile:

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