Appliance Shut Off Valves

Are gas appliances required to have shutoff valves that can be easily turned off “by hand”? Older home I am looking at has shutoff valves, but would require a wrench to turn off. Should they be updated. Is it a code violation?


Not a code violation, but you could recommend a safety upgrade. :smiley:

Yes he could but, I believe, he is the buyer.

I suppose he still could. :smiley:

Tape the correct wrench to the valve.:mrgreen:

John Kogel

or buy a set of vise grips, and clamp on on each valve. (Saves on tape. :mrgreen:)

Now Mark, a Professional wouldn’t use Visegrips on a Nut, especially on a gas valve. -X:p

There’s a couple of nuts on this message board I’d like to use more than vise grips on… Maybe a sledge hammer too. :mrgreen::stuck_out_tongue:

Now Now Mark. Temper Temper.:wink: