Appliances don't work

I had a condo inspected on Aug. 2 2016 by an inspection company (Walsh) that is a member of NACHI. The report stated that my refrigerator, dishwasher and faucet are acceptable, so I didn’t negotiate to have them replaced.

Now that I’m in the apartment, I discovered reoccurring puddles of water inside the refrigerator, the dishwasher doesn’t have a water supply (Yes, I checked, the water valves are on) and when I try to use the dish sprayer, water leaks from under the sink to the floor.

What recourse do I have?

Have contacted your inspector?

Grin and bear it if you didn’t have a NACHI inspector inspect it.

Contact your inspector and share your issues with him. Review your inspection service agreement. Forgive Roy, he is reading impaired