You are becomin’ just like JJ… :-;;

How do you test the fridge smart azz…:stuck_out_tongue:
Let’s hear it?

Same here.

You did not mention the washer…what if it has a leaking water pump?

I only mentioned the fridge because of this post…

If it has a built in thermometer I look at that, if not, I shoot something in the back of each, check to make sure the door(s) operate as intended, the ice maker and water dispenser work, and that the seal(s) appear to function as intended at time of inspection. The vast majority of fridge/freezers are running that I inspect. If not I note that.:mrgreen:
Check the microwave with a bottle of water and microwave tester, vent and range light.
Check for anti-tip device, just started using a remote oven thermometer for the oven at 350 and take a photo of the broiler (I always set the timer for one minute when I turn on the broiler and turn off the broiler before I shut off the timer) with red element (or gas on).
Run a normal cycle on the dishwasher(s) (after checking for GFCI and proper mounting).
Run the washing machine starting out with hot to check for reversed plumbed then switch to cold, run the dryer for the longest cycle it will go.
Fill the sink and release the water and run the garbage disposal (after checked to make sure it is properly tightened… noting high loop or not).
Not necessarily in that order.
There you go! That’s MR.Smart azz to you:mrgreen:
SO! How do you check appliances?:stuck_out_tongue:
Also to anyone, how do you check an induction type stove top?


Thank you for your reply. :wink:


Good luck with that! :mrgreen:

I don’t. I see perhaps one a year, so I disclaim them as “Specialty” appliances. I considered leaving my camping frying pan in the truck, but, well, that could turn into a smelly situation if I ever didn’t get it quite clean enough. :shock:

Mr. Fetty
You do a very good job …Yep!.
(You do more than I do)…Secret Squirrel…OK?
Oh! Yes you do.

JJ! Can you get your Depends unstuck outta your azz at the minimum to tell a good inspector he is doing a good job…Huh?

Mr. Fetty is a good inspector.
Yes he is.

PS: I have never meet him.If that matters.

Thanks… I think :lol: what’s a “secret squirrel”?

That’s Roy’s nickname for his “pocket pal”. :-;;

I am quite sure Mr. Fetty does not rely upon my approval of his actions to justify his existance!

But, just for the insecure you (Roy), here you go…

Awesome way to perform your duties Dave! You are so freaking awesome that you put that Roy guy to shame! Keep it up good buddy!!! =D> \:D/

I would obviously disclaim this fridge as it is not functional. They can only be tested if in operation. I think you knew that though didn’t you.

Praise from clients means so much more!

Especially when they’re NOT coerced!

For sure!!

Why do you think I didn’t drag you into the fracas above? :wink: