Many SOP do not require appliance inspections, Texas does

The builder and manufacture rep happened to be onsite and both said they’ve never had an inspector call an oven door seal failure.

Both were impressed by the technology and asked me to check the other houses coming on-line. Went to the ATM and paid cash! :slight_smile:

Hope you guys get at least another $50-100 per house to do the appliances!!!
I’m glad our SOP doesn’t incude that. How do you know that the dishwasher actually does a good job on dishes without having dirty dishes, etc, etc, etc?

Bring a load from home or use their pets! :twisted:

WITF did you get that pic I am still rolling in the floor Great Idea Thou

Dam you BA I cannot quit laughling Can just picture you chasing some little dog around the house Come here doggie doggie:p

That’s the “manual Pre-Rinse” mode! :slight_smile:

Too funny!

Thats great. My dog will not even get in the battub.

Thanks for the tip on th oven door.




Pets do get bored at times…

You guys quit posting these pictures! My dogs may see them when their on line when I’m not home!!!