Appointment Invoice Amount Doubled

When I have an outstanding payment I upload the report, then click the “Request Payment” button next to the report address in the Dashboard. I enter in the amount owed and click “Request Payment.” I have a copy of the email notification also go to my address. I see that the amount requested is doubled.

Is this a glitch or am I expected to leave the “Amount Owed” section blank?

Man Wil, you sure do complain about HomeGauge A LOT… Do you even like it? There’s always something wrong with HomeGauge it seems… Tell us how much you really like what it has done positive for your business…

Home Gauge is a home inspection software created by a home inspector for the home inspection industry.
Most of the software vendors that followed in Russell Buchanan’s footsteps are mere software copycats who never performed home inspections for a living.
Spectacular home inspection software is plain copycat junk doomed for failure.
Junk is junk.

This forum is meant to work out issues we are having or improvements that could stand to be made. I’m very glad it’s here. HG offers a multitude of services beyond just report software. With more features there are bound to be more glitches and kinks to work out. I’m a busy inspector, so a little glitch can be very frustrating. The reason I post is because I’m a dedicated HG customer and I use HG a lot. I love the way the report looks and how easy it is for the client to read (among other reasons). I’m using the little free time I have to post these questions here.

Yes, there are issues. Some of them are incredibly frustrating, but HG is constantly improving. Here are some glitches and personal issues I have with the software that I would love to see fixed (in case the HG team is listening):

-The new updated Calendar does not map out my route for the day like the old one did (2 steps forward, one back).
-The new version of HG causes all the comments in one item to bundle into one paragraph (this was done intentionally by request from at least one user).
-No universal Templates (a big problem for me). I have two main templates that are very similar. Every time I add a comment to one, I have to open up a new instance of the software and copy and paste.
-Templates are difficult to transfer between reports. I cannot transfer templates without merging reports. Merging causes a random loss of some data and duplicates of others so I avoid template changes until the last report of the day.
-“Picture Did Not Save” error/glitch. We all know this one. Happens at least once per report. Usually on the picture that takes the longest to build.
-Requesting payment from a client causes the amount to be doubled (not sure if I’m doing something wrong here)
-No “Replace Smart Text” button. I use “Smart Text” all the time but, despite tons of blank space where a button could be, I have to click a drop-down to find it.
-No manual fill-in option for smart text. If you click a comment with smart text, you must select the text available (you cannot write it in manually).
-The new Calendar report numbering is required (not sure why). If your system is based on sequential numbering then all it takes is a cancellation to completely mess up the order.

**And here are some things I love about HG:
-Beautiful easy to read reports (have yet to see a better offering).
-Phone, forum, and Facebook support (and it’s in easy to comprehend English!).
-Options! you can toggle between HTML, change the look of confirmation emails, automatic email confirmations, etc.
-Constant improvement. It’s impossible to give everybody what they want, but HG is always improving.
-Automatic online signature (thanks to the new calendar) makes sure you’re covered.
-“Auto Comment” and “Smart Comments.” I love the feature and look forward to the improvements that are bound to make it even better.


It’s been** over** 24 hours. Where is HG and their help?

You are so thoughtful JJ… I have a full staff 16 employees Monday through Friday 9-5 est. If they need immediate service this forum is not it. I have that anyone can ask a question that gets emailed to our support team over the weekends and at night. None of Wil request are show stoppers that require immediate assistance.

Copying a template from one device to another is super easy. You can use the HG Services upload cloud templates and bring it down the same way. you can also email the template to yourself or move it using a usb.

Double invoice yes there is an extra step you must be doing to add in a duplicate. Please call, in when you have time. Many of your questions can be answered easily by calling in.


Thanks for the reply Russell. I use HG cloud to transfer templates all the time. Works great if you just have one report to write. If you have more than one report it doesn’t work because once you modify the template for the first one, opening the second report means you have an outdated template. Merging is the only way around this and causes multiple other glitches (at least on my version). HG has a lot of great features but this is one of the most painful parts to deal with if you do more than one a day.

Jeffrey is referring to more than just this post. My previous posts are 11 and 3 days and have yet to receive an answer. I know you guys are swamped but I wouldn’t be pressing for answers if I wasn’t swamped also.

I’ll be sure to use**** and/or call in next time.

Thanks again Russell. No hard feelings here. Just trying to get the hiccups worked out so I can focus on inspecting.

Your comment regarding the template not being able to be modified implies that you didn’t finish your first report before opening and going to the second report. Which it will still be happy in this scenario unless you modified the template on the second report and now want to go back to the first. All this still will be fine and work unless you are trying to improve your template with a new auto comment. Instead of merging (never knew you could do it for this) you could do a file save template as…and name it something if you wanted to change the template just for this report. Then delete the temporary template after the inspection. But, if you were trying to improve your auto comment library then you would need to add the comment going forward in the next time you open the template.

Sounds confusing to write and in reference to your previous comments I never saw them. It is usually just me that tries to keep an eye on the INACHI forum posts and at times I can’t keep up with it as much as I would like. That’s why I recommend anything that needs an answer or multiple questions its a lot faster to either call us or to ensure we got your questions you could email us directly. Sometimes when a user here on this forum posts I let it sit to allow other users to join in either to help or to voice their opinion of the topic before I respond. But in your case I did not see them.

I don’t mind it either when you posts your disappointments with HG as it makes us think and try to do better. But if you don’t hear from me each time then it is likely that I haven’t returned here to read them. Our support staff at HomeGauge is very helpful and will answer the phone when you call.

Are you referring to this?

I didn’t see it as a question waiting to be answered. You finished with a statement so I left it alone.

And this one we answered too

You followed up with a when question.

Answer: its on our list and Forrest is working full time on the appointment manager. So we don’t have the map feature advanced as much as our old business scheduler yet. We don’t have a date when it will. But that doesn’t mean we won’t get to it soon.

Keep up the good work Russell.
We love you man.

Hi Russell,

Bingo! I update auto comments and smart text all the time. I love that feature but this is my biggest sticking point.

Thanks for the follow up. Yes I was referring to those posts you mentioned. I was asking about a fix for maps in one, and didn’t hear back on a fix for report numbers*. Even if there is no fix planned it’s still helpful to know either way.

*Searching by ID yields no results in my case. We can still search using other fields and that works great (this is turning out to be a minor issue for me).

Thanks again Russell. I wouldn’t be here if you guys weren’t the best!

Thank you Linas. Thank you Wil. HomeGauge wouldn’t be a leader if it weren’t for our customers and their feedback.

Feedback keeps us refining.