Appointment Print Page Witchcraft

In the HG Appointments Calendar, when I click the print friendly button the screenshot looks perfect, but when I click “print” the actual printout is randomly (about every 3rd printout) missing fields or has a scrambled layout. The last one I printed out had no address. The one before that had “Monday” as the entire date. All this despite the print preview looking perfect on my monitor. Any ideas?

Hi Wil! This is Forrest at HomeGauge replying.

Since the print preview looks ok, this issue sounds like is related to your printer. You could have a bad printer cable, a corrupt printer driver or just a broken printer. How often do you print other things and are you having any issues with that?

It may also be your internet browser. What do you use now? Have you tried Chrome or Firefox?

Hi Forrest! Thanks for the reply. I use Chrome and a wireless connection to the printer. I have not had this happen before but HG printouts make up most of the jobs I use the printer for so makes sense I would see it here first. I’ll experiment re-setting the router and maybe printing from the laptop. Thanks!

While you’re here. Any ETA on when the new HG Appointments Manager Maps will be fixed so it displays the route from home to each job scheduled for the day, like it does in the old calendar?

Hey Forrest,

This print issue is still happening. It only happens when I print out an appointment from the new calendar. Never had this issue with any other print process from HG or otherwise.

Both the initial print preview page and the preview that Chrome produces after that look perfect (not actual paper printout). Usually it’s the address field that is removed and replaced with: “A” followed by the property zip code. On some (but not all) printouts have random spacing of the customer and/or buyer info boxes. I have 3 appointments tomorrow. Was able to print the last two appointments ok but the first refuses to print the complete address field.

My Setup:
Chrome browser
Network printer (no cable)

Ok, almost midnight here but I got it to print by editing the appointment address (added a “.” to “St”). Then, as a test, I edited it back to the original and it refuses to print the address. Looks like it’s on HG’s end but open to any ideas.

If you print a page and some of the text gets cut off, and you try to print it a second time, will it work? What about if you close and re-open the printable page then print it again?


Hey Forrest,

I printed it back to back with no changes and it glitched each time. I then tried closing out Chrome entirely. I printed out 6-7 test pages and the only time it worked was when I added a changed “St” to “St.” (with period). Removed period and it reverted to glitch.


Forrest said he will email you directly for specific address etc for privacy.

Wil, I sent you an email for some more specific information I didn’t want posted on the public forum. -Forrest