Anyone in CA hearing about appraisers calling out defects? 3 inspections this week and the agents are worried about the appraiser noting my findings. FHA loans by the way. Please only CA inspectors comment on this. thanks

Yes. All to often. They are completely unqualified to do so, but they are calling out “defects,” mold, termites and other issues on a regular basis for FHA loans. Quite often they are completely incorrect in their assessment.

It is not just a CA thing. It happens here also.

It happens everywhere. A sign of the times.

I think it is getting out of control but don’t see a way to stop it.

The buyers are forced to pay for an appraisal and when they see it with defect callouts, it’s easy for the to assume it is as good as a home inspection report and forgo paying for another inspection.

Yes, unfortunately it is against their practice bordering on illegal here in CA. Yet FHA requires them to do so, that is where 99% of my FHA CIR work comes from and as Jeff stated most calls are incorrect.

I see it almost every day. Most of the agents I work for are now making sure repairs are completed before I and the appraisers come out… I had one last week this gal was out there the same time as I was and she took over an hour to do her thing! It’s a f…ing joke!

If it’s a VA loan,oh boy that’s even worse. They also require a home inspection so they will see your report…has two in the last month

Ha…thats funny, Friday inspection is one that the agent and buyer are at the house trying to correct some of the things before appraiser gets there…WTF

At the house today and will be there tomorrow

Regardless being California…the F stands for Federal (amongst other words), but the same happens here as well. I hear about it weekly.

Im sure its everywhere but appraisers are licensed by each state…been kinda crazy with some of them calling out defects that they dont know anything about. Funny couple years ago I was in an attic and the appraiser handed me his camera to take a photo so he didnt have to get in.