Apprenticeship help.

Hello all.

I am a newbie here and to the HI industry. I have been taking the courses through Humber College and have almost completed them. I have been doing a lot of reading on forums and websites everywhere on the HI industry and I feel that my experience is not quite strong enough yet.

I am curious if anyone would know of anyone in any of the Construction Industries that would be looking for an apprentice. I feel that once I have a Trade certificate as well as my certificate from Humber College that I would be ready to join this great industry.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Victor Marshall
Milton, Ontario

Fantastic idea. This is exactly what home inspectors should have, a good solid background in home construction.
AS you are in Milton, start checking with all your friends who are in any sort of construction industry.
The Employment offices many times have openings for laborors. This is a place to start and then get signed on as an apprentice. DO NOT let anyone talk you out of getting certified in a trade. It can be the best thing in the world to fall back on, but it will also give a solid foundation to be a home inspector.

Maybe a trade that will actually work on building a house… mason… carpenter etc.
I find electrician can narrow it down a lot, but they are great in that area.
Plumbers only need to know that poop flows downhill and payday is Friday.
(At least that is what I heard)

Being A retired electrician .
You are doing a great thing , Incidental Plumbing , Furnace, air Conditioning, carpentry are also great trades and the knowledge required in all four is very compairable.
I would pick the one you are most interested in and learn as much as possible about your own trade .
you will find how much working at your own trade you learn from the others .

Roy Cooke

Aww Roy if I knew you were a retarded ,ooops I mean **retired **electrician,I could have had fun at your expense.:mrgreen:
What Roy is saying is the best thing though… find one you really enjoy.
(Not electrician):wink:


Decide what you would like to do and then go to the Union office of chosen Trade and sign up. They will be more than happy to help you. If you need help getting into the Carpenters union, call me 416-722-6132


Welcome, and hope you accept these good pointers from the guys above.

I wood reccomend the Carpentry Trade for you to gain Experience that will be helpful in your future.

Why Carpentry you may ask?

Well as a Carpenter for over 40 years now, I have been able to learn a vast outline and concept of Electrical, Plumbing, Concrete, Steel, and Masonry.

Working with Electricians, you will learn a lot about why they want you to install a painted backer board so they can mount their electrical panels. When they do, you take advantage and ask questions.

Working with Plumbers they always want you to install blocking for their pipes, then you ask why and more questions.

When you work with Concrete, you lug panels, oil them, and watch someone erect them, and then you ask why.

When you work with Steel, you lug the donage to unload the truck full of steel and then you ask why.

When you work with Masons, you carry scaffold planking and set up staging and then you ask why.

So you see, the Carpenter is involved with all the Trades and you can spend all day asking why and not do to much but learn a whole bunch. That usually takes up about 5 to six years to master, and then you are ready to Master one Trade. Choose the one that you enjoy going to work to in the morning.
It is a long life doing work that you do not enjoy.
Good Luck.

Marcel :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Thanks for all the advice.
I have worked for a Home Renovator back in 1990 to 1997 and really enjoyed doing that so I went onto the carpenters union website and have registered for the pre-apprentice classes so hopefully it will all work out.

If anyone knows of any construction companies looking for apprentices please keep me in mind and let me know.


Victor Marshall.

As soon as the snow melts get out there and look / Make sure the company you go to work for get you registered as an apprentice many tell you yes but do not .
All the union companies will make sure you are registered with the Government.
Good luck stay in touch
Roy Cooke


If you sign up as an apprentice with the Carpenters Union [local 27] they will notify you of a contractor to call basically they find the work for you. As an apprentice believe me you will have no problem finding work.

Good luck!!


Very good advice!!
However Victor will find that not too many guys are willing to share knowledge or info. The mentality of these tradesman is that they view newcomers to biz as a threat. This was my experience.

Thanks Mario,

I didnt realize that they would find somebody for you to Apprentice. I figured I had to go and find someone to sponser me first.
I will have to give them a call and find out what all I need to do for sure.

Thanks again

Victor Marshall