Apprenticeship Pay

How much should I expect to pay an apprentice?

A newbie?..maybe $75 to $80/per inspection.

An experienced helper 7 to 9 years in the trades…remodeling/building/etc.?..maybe $130 to $150/per inspection.


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I pay mine $15/hr for the 1st few weeks.

Them I bump them up as they gain experience.

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More than they can make on COVID-19 unemployment.


Wow I didn’t know apprentice inspectors even got paid. I worked with an established inspector in my area for 6 months doing well over 50 inspections and never got a dime. I just figured it was good experience for me and it was. Who’d a thunk it! Oh well 🤷

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To do what exactly? entire inspection with written report? with whose signature on the report?

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