Appropriate response?

I have had several buyers ask me in front of realtor and the buyers family “Would you buy this house?” I response is something like this, “I didn’t see anything that would scare me away” Any advice?

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Tread carefully when answering that question. I have a stock answer I give as it seems the question come up a lot. I tell them that that it isn’t within my sop to give that opinion. I am happy to inspect, report, and comment on the condition of the home but the decision to buy is theirs and theirs alone.

My response to this common question was “No. I already have one. If you’re asking me about what I observed about the condition of this house, that will all be in my report” and I walked away to look at something.

Do you see a close resemblance?

JB’s responses probably the most appropriate.

I ask the client if they would buy a house with a floor drop of 4 inches in 4 feet?

“I have”!
“My perspective and yours are not likely the same”.

Make up something that’s appropriate and avoid the question altogether.

I usually reply something like" I am not a real estate appraiser. I also don’t know what price you are paying. That is what you are paying your real estate agent to help figure out."

That is my response as well - it’s all based on price, and your agent is the appropriate person to ask that question to.

If they persist, I ask if they want my “personal opinion.” Then I will say things like “no, I already have a house,” or “the yard is too small,” etc.

If you’ve done more than 50 inspections then all the questions come up.

  • Would you buy this house?
  • On a scale of 1-10 what do you think?
  • Can this be easliy fixed?
  • How much would it be to fix it?
    The questions go on and on. They are unsure of the purchase and want your professional opinion. My response to most of these questions are very vague with a little laugh or joke.
    Most of the time I respond like this:
    I am not you. You need to consider all the factors like what you are paying for the home and the deal you struck with the seller. Your real esate agent should be able to help you. Every one has a tolerance level and you need to find yours. Besides I have a home and don’t need another one and my wife would be really upset if I sold it!!

By law in Illinois I can’t answer that question, so that is my response. I would check with your State law for any similar restriction.

I use a very similar response to Jim’s.

“I already have a house that I am happy with. What I will do for you is provide all the information you need to make a well informed decision for yourself.”

I always say “Listen, I would buy 97% of the homes I inspect. So, I may not be the best person to ask. Highlights, features and layout may not be the same for both of us. You have to decide how it does or does not work for you, as you will be occupying the home. I will give you as much information as I can to help you make an informed decision, but in the end…it is really up to you to decide.”