April 6th InterNachiOhio Meeting

Just friendly reminder about our up coming training class

4/6/2008 (2:00 PM - 4:00 PM)
This event is open to everyone.
Capacity: 24
Event Cost: free
Optional fee for Please Buy A Sandwich And Drink To Keep The Room Free:

Panera Bread Community Room6665 Perimeter Loop Road Dublin, Oh 43017

For more information or to confirm your registration, contact: Mark H Roe
Register at: http://oh.nachi.org/nachiohio/event302.html

Simpson Strong Tie Co., Inc. Deck Construction Seminar/Program Abstract It is generally acknowledged that many outdoor wood decks are inadequately built and improperly maintained. This program will provide a better understanding of what may cause a deck to fail and what a code compliant deck would look like. The International Residential Code® and International Building Code® have requirements for post and column supports, post-to-beam connections, bearing requirements for joists, stair treads, stringers and post-to-guardrail connection requirements. This program will review the standards and methods used to satisfy those requirements. Also, we will review some of the issues that cause corrosion of metal connectors and Simpson Strong-Tie guidelines when the proper connector has been selected. This is an approved InterNachi 2 CE’s class. See you there.

I have seen this before. Great presentation and information.

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