April Web Site of the Month.

Please vote for what you believe to be the Best Web Site.

This poll is open to the public, so feel free to solicit more votes.

If you have a positive critique that would like to share, please do so.

This Poll is for bragging rights only.

Please refrain from comments not directly related to the Poll.

These are some great looking sights…I voted for Thermalspect because it was the only site that showed me a picture, name and phone number for the person I was looking to hire right on the first page. It was however the slowest loading of all the sights and a bit too many flashing lights for my taste…but then I’m old and cranky.
You can’t beat the logo for dwelling doctor though…

Nice observations James…
Maybe I will add my Picture to my web site.

(I actually look a lot like my logo)

that’s not what Dale said…

He has been known to embellish a story or two to make them better. :smiley:

That being said, how about a couple of more votes??

I like the look of Home Cert, and the rss feed I think is important.
Mary’s site has nice colors and is clean IMO, I also like the Sample Report.
The Texas Inspector .com site has lots of info, but the home page is on the left of my screen.

Nice looking sites folks

I put this poll in the public area to see if we could get some Outsider input…

Nice sites…

I really like thermalspect, his site id different than everyone elses. If you look around, here and other sopts so many look vanilla…Nice Job Scott…

It loads a little slow for my tastes, and not fond of sounds on web sites…

I think yours could use a little more Color Mike. :smiley:

yeah im going to brighten i up a bit. I went darker to be different. I’m thinking a pano view of a house in the headder area, just dont have a nice one chosen, yet. Perhaps a lighter backround, not sure but thanks for the input.

Mike, ask your friends that are not INACHI Members to vote for your site as well. Some outside eyes would be good IMO.

Good luck to all.

Please have a look at your fellow INACHI Members sites… And no more votes for me either please… Lets move some others up the ladder a bit. :smiley:

Right on Brian, if you go through the thread of google +1’s theres a list of most sites (not that the thread isnt a good idea too but theres an easy list to go right down), lots of good stuff. Also, if we click everyone from interNACHI it can’t hurt search engine efforts for our fellow inspectors. My 2 cents.