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OK, here’s a new one for me. The home had two of these magnetic cleansers on the cold water inlet to the water heater. Their website says it takes the place of a water softener and the cost? $520 for two of them!!! Someone, please tell me these work. The buyer & I kind of rolled our eyes at this one. :roll:

I would have my doubts Michael.

They claim the minerals are charged and then do not stick to the pipes.

Nice post.:smiley:

In my former life as a plumber, we saw these things regularly- usually attached above the water heater we were replacing the lower element in. Never saw ANY indication that they solved any problem other than the buyer’s need to waste money!:smiley:

These were also sold by an off shore company to get you better gas millage on your car, truck, etc.



I am with you on this one.

In the interest of disclosure I have had a conventional water softener for most of my life and my father installed them for over 30 years.

There are fair number of companies selling these magnetic type water conditioning units. High profits margins to say the least. If anyone is interested I have included some links below for additional information. In most cases the evidence for their effectiveness is anecdotal with very limited hard scientific data available to support their claims. The popularity of these devices has been cyclical for many years.

For areas where “hard water” is common, conventional ion exchange water conditioning is an effective method with many benefits. Magnetic systems do not have that track record. But just as some think taping cow magnets to their auto gas lines improves mileage, there are those who will tell you that the magnets “work”. As always, Buyer be ware.

Water Quality Association

There back same garbage different name.
They still take your money and give you nothing back.
They went through this area about 30 years ago.
They again did it about 15 years ago with the going to give you good a mileage you will almost have to take some gas out of your car.

Thanks for the report.
Good thing to remind every one if it sounds too good to be true then it usualy is.

Roy Cooke

Right up there with fire logs and septic additives. There may be some benefit but certainly no replacement for the real thing and probably a waste of money.