Arch material question

[FONT=Comic Sans MS, sans-serif][FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]**Nagasaki 1945, after the atomic bomb…

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Nagasaki****2011, following earthquake and tsunami** [/FONT][/FONT]…

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What the [FONT=Comic Sans MS, sans-serif][size=3]fxxk is that Arch made of?[/size][/size][/FONT][/FONT][/size][/FONT]

Different Torii arch but still structurally well built and founded!!

I’m taking Buddhism a little more seriously now.

unless you can’t see the attachment method it doesn’t meet south florida building code.

But Arkansas… no problem.

Those are star-gates from Atlantis.

BOB stop reading those sci-fi books and watching star-gate re-runs.:slight_smile:

My youngest boy said that the arches must be made out of aluminum lol

Japanese Maple

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You seem to know something about psychological conditions.

I’m guessing you have had a lot of “experience” :roll:

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There is also a link to wikipedia’s page on there about the torii, the gate structure in the pictures.

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