arching switches

On tues inspection I walked in the living room turned on the lights and noticed one that delayed coming on. Switched them on a couple of times and while doing this I heard an arching sound in the switch. Then smelled burning. Went to other switch that controls same of lights and it done same thing. The lights were five in a ceiling fan and one bulb was a flouresant bulb. It was the one that had a delay. Now I wrote it up but now just trying to figure out why arching. Thought maybe loose wire but not on both switches. Any ideas. The home is 8ys old.

cheap switches?

This happened in my basement. You will probably find that the sound is coming from a loose wiring connection, probably connecting the fan/lamp i.e. not the switches.

But as a first check, make sure the bulbs are screwed in properly. A loose bulb will also make this sound.

It can be hard to tell where the tzzz is coming from.

I removed my lamp for inspection and the hot wire just fell off the terminal. Could have been a fire waiting to happen.