Architect needs log home inspector in PA.

Carol Quigley <>
1:06 PM (22 minutes ago)

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I am writing from a restoration architecture office in PA and we have completed drawings (along with our structural engineer) to reconstruct a log barn. The majority of the logs along with the rafters and a few other roof framing components have been preserved and are going to be used in the reconstruction, but the entire assembly will be built on a new stone veneer and poured concrete foundation. The building inspector has asked that a log inspector review the plans. This is clearly not the same as reviewing a log structure that already exists. But I saw on your site that you offer log inspection qualifications, and I was wondering if you could tell me if any of the inspectors in my neck of the woods (West Chester, PA) are certified log structure inspectors based on that qualification? I do not seem to be able to search for log inspection qualifications.
Thank you in advance for your assistance!!

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