Are AC condensate traps always required?

??? Does it matter what side the A-coil is on?

Thanks in advance.

They are required for my inspections.

No. Not all units need a trap because they have internal traps.

Otherwise, yes they do.
No matter what side of the blower they are on…

Are you talking about certain HE furnaces or do some A-coils have internal traps as well?

Rheem / RUUD are big on installing traps inside.

Yes, normal equipment…

Guess they are tired of idiots doing it wrong and screwing up their equipment…

…like this one the other day. Water flowing out of every panel seam when I cut off the breaker to look inside.

David -

What is that. In 35 years have NEVER seen a trap outside on residential

Self contained Heat pump…mobile home perhaps.

In places where there are mostly crawl spaces, we use a package unit which is one component connected to the duct through the foundation (first floor unit).

Same as a roof top but have side discharge.

Some of these have internal traps that do not and should not have additional traps installed.

Doug, mobile homes should not use these as there is too much duct outside under the home (bad for efficiency) and if not sealed around the skirting, the neighborhood cats and other critters love to dig in and give birth in the ducts…

Yeah, I know but if you come to FL, 8 out of 10 will have exactly that set up on the home. In fact I almost made a comment about how “good” that duct section looked compared to what we see here. Gaps around the sides of the large flex duct that you could throw a cat through. And you are 100% right. I do foundation inspections and more often than not, the duct work is loose, fallen completely off the connectors, flattened out, holes and a myriad of other problems. Usually when I tell the homeowners about it they look at me like a calf staring at a new gate all the while complaining about 3 and 4 hundred dollar cooling and heating bills. I won’t go into the words I use when I get back into my truck to drive off…not fit for public dissemination.

Traps are only required by code if they are on the negative side of the blower. By code I’m referencing the IMC.

Any personal requirement is a lack of understanding of what the trap is supposed to do.