Are crossovers good inspection vehicles?

Does anybody here use a crossover? Does it hold everything you need properly? I am currently looking into getting a Mazda cx5.

Here is a good thread on the subject.


Wasn’t a helpful thread lol.

You have created four topics asking about inspection vehicles. If you can’t even understand the vehicle you need to do your job you have no idea what you’re doing. I’ve never heard of somebody overthinking selecting a damn vehicle. You must be a totally elevated level of stupid. Shopping for potato chips in the grocery store must take you days!


Getting a little old, dude!


Here ya go. Just mount a ladder rack on the side of it and away you go.


It must take you an hour and half to watch 60 minutes.


Yes…no truck for me


It wouldn’t be an inspection vehicle thread if this picture wasn’t posted at least once.


I’ve done both and listening to my ladder and tools clunk around in the back of the SUV gets old. Wet coveralls and other clothes makes the inside pretty damp in winter too. I prefer a truck for inspections but SUVs definitely have some pros for other times when not working.

Quit it Eddy!!!

This is mine, I never have a problem with clients paying either.


This is mine, no traffic problems for me, but fuel gets a little pricey though!


I drive this Nissan Rogue every day I can. I have a truck with a ladder rack but truthfully the crossover gets better gas mileage and is way more comfortable. I used to put a towel between the ladder to keep it from rattling. I recently replaced the stock tires with Michelle Defenders, and it rides much better and no rattling even without the towel. I get 32 miles to the gallon city/hwy with the Rogue. My truck with no ladder rack got 26 miles to the gallon added the ladder rack and it got 23 miles to the gallon, added 32 ft ladder and it goes to 18 to 20.
Best thing I ever did was purchase the Rogue.


Don’t spend a lot of money on an inspection vehicle. Buy a good used Honda Element.

Nice! What type of ladder do you fit in it? Roof ladder and attic ladder or just attic ladder?

Also, what type of truck do you have that gets 26 mpg?

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Nice ride!

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I use the Cosco 17ft folding ladder. It is 34 pounds and lite as a feather and fits inside with one of the split bench seats down.
I have a Dodge Dakota it is an older 4-cylinder truck but keeps going and going. It has 320,000 miles and starts up when I need it.

Nice. What if the roof is higher than your ladder?

If the roof is taller than 17 ft I take the truck with the 32 or 28’ ft ladder. If it is taller than that I call the guy with the drone.