Are glass blocks considered an opening?

And if so, are they available with impact rating compliance ?

Yes, there are impact rated glass blocks.
They must be the mortared type install.
Although they are not required outside of the HVHZ.
For instance, in Palm Beach County I consider them a wall & do not list them on the WindMit. Under the chart I enter N/A.


Yes, and in some cases a fire rating(!) Truly a construction material for all seasons :wink:

Ok great, I am in Central FL so the HVHZ does not apply :grinning:

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NOTHING to do with what the issue is here.

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I consider them a window in ‘an opening’.

I’m sure that they make such an animal but I have never checked.

And you would be wrong. You tell others not to comment on the ohio section, this is the Florida section. Your comment has nothing to do with the wind mitigation form.


Then please educate me. I don’t mind learning.

He was asking about the wind mit form for hurricane insurance, and how glass block openings are to be rated on the report.
As Marc said, outside of the High-velocity hurricane zone, (miami dade), they are actually a non-factor


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