Are HI's the ultimate Narcissists?

This is supposed to be a light hearted thread, so I’ll start with a joke: What did the narcissist say when he finally quit talking about himself? Ans: So what do you think about me?

Okay- humor is not my strong point.

I’m currently dating a school teacher and I like to tease her about her profession. Though I don’t believe a word of what I’m saying, I tell her that teachers are the ultimate narcissists. That is to say, they feel so highly about their own opinion, that they wish to share it with everybody else. She takes it with a grain of salt as it is intended. Now I’m in deap sh*t. She’s read a number of these posts and she’s aghast at the number of varying and passionately stated opinions on what commoners such as herself (ducking a dinner plate) view as mundane subject matter. Oh my God…she has a point. How is it possible that most of us are 100% right most of the time and mostly right all the time? Thats what’s so facinating about this field. So often there is never one answer… only the best answer. The answer that is usually accepted by our clients, realtors, bankers, etc… is our opinion- and we love sharing it! When you think of it, we do tend to be just a little full of ourselves. Stands to reason, we are afterall, members of what has to be one of the most complex industries in existance. Narcissists or gluttons for punishment?


Speaking for yourself huh? Some of us are completely right 100% of the time on all topics. Just ask them. Now, I won’t go naming names however.


The narcissist has conflicting needs.

On the one hand, they derive their sense of self-worth and the regulation of their self-esteem from others. On the other hand, they need to feel superior and contemptuous towards the very sources of their sustenance.

Hence their erratic unpredictability, callousness, cruelty and dangerous capriciousness.

I think it was Will (pardon me if I’m wrong but I don’t think that I am :wink: …heh…heh) that said: “Sure, I’m arrogant but with good reason.” :mrgreen:

Not to boast but… I was what Willis was talking about.

I am always right except when it comes to the kids. Then I am out number and the leader (the wife) sides with them too. I think they have the a secret union I did not know about. The stacks are 7 against 1.:wink:
But then in the end I get to say, “Father knows best!” When I have to pick up thier pieces. So in the end I guess I am right again!:smiley: \:D/ =D>


Oh, so we’re talking about the domestic scene now, huh?
Well, I’m an empty-nester, and have come to the conclusion that following the Path of Least Resistance makes life so much more liveable . . .

Oh, I don’t know about being narcissistic but I keep telling my wife that I am never wrong, I have been mistaken upon occassion, but I am never wrong.