Are live electrical wires dangerous??

Must be according to this grizzled old veteran!

So much for Smokey the Bear…He was COOKED !

That did not look like much of a cable to me it would be interesting if any one knows what the voltage is and how long the bear was on this .
By the looks of the ground this has been cooking for along time .
How was it that cable is out there where any kid too could get into this .
This sort of scares me .
I wonder where this was .
Roy Cooke

I would venture to say it was in a post enclosure and the bear broke it open…curious I guess…but based on its MOUTH…chances are it got locked on and the JAW muscles CONTRACTED up and well…thats all she wrote.

That’s not a nice way of hunting

Thats not hunting he committed suicide
Roy Cooke

What it does is SHOW that “electricity” can take down a 400+ pound bear…imagine what it would do to YOU ! …if not cautious…

Thanks Paul now if only more Home Inspectors understood just how dangerous electricity is .
You can be killed under some conditions with 24 volts.
If electricians who know about electricity work with it every day can be hurt and killed I often wonder why so many Home Inspectors are so blase with it . Roy Cooke
Congratulations Paul you just made the 2,500 mark Good for you and thanks for all your great post’s

This is a classic case of “freezing current”. The point where your muscles contract involuntarily and you can’t let go. Then saliva, sweat or other bodily fluids build up and that current ramps up past fribrillation current when the heart stops to burning current and the victim cooks until the overcurrent device trips or someone finds them.

Sorry I was also the safety officer. :wink:

YEP…beyond the point of the ability to LET GO !