Are PVCO pipes as risky as PVC pipes?

I am well aware of the potential hazards associated with PVC-products. Recently, PVC water pipes are being supplanted by PVCO, which is basically a heat treated PVC. My question is: do PVCO pipes present the same health/environmental risks as PVC?

You have more of a risk from using your cell phone everyday than using PVC products. Just Sayin.

PVC-O pipes were developed 30 years ago, and have been used for water supply in many countries, most importantly in USA and Australia. They provide superior performance than other materials, are the most energy efficient, and have greater flow properties giving 14% more volume transferred at the same pressure.
The PVC-O pipes are deemed to be totally non detrimental to health and environment.
The most relevant standard is ISO16422:2014.

Not sure what ‘health and environmental’ risks you are referencing.

Traditional materials such as cast or ductile pose more risks to the environment…Lead found in drinking water doesn’t come from PVC pipes.

When you hear about another watermain break in your town its not PVC or PVCO that is corroding and failing after a decade.

What PVCO does is take away the risk of an end-to-end pipe split which can happen when PVC is not installed properly (ie: point loading from a rock in the trench). A failure with PVCO is contained to a very small area of the pipe.

PVC/PVCO have the lowest water main break rates of all materials by a very wide margin. The material is projected to last over 100 years in service (there are installations with over 50 years of service).