Are the bail outs over?

A must video for all.

If you are not too big to fail then… you are too small to matter.

Were all communist’s now!

Chalk it up to a bridge loan to nowhere. :smiley:

The only problem I see with that is believing that the FDIC has the funds to insure all of the deposits in this country.

Are these true bail outs or loans to help them out of their mess? I am too lazy to actually look![object Object]&pp=ZNxdm824OHUS

They are loans against colarteral with questionable value (e.g. loans that they can’t sell)

As bad as this may sound coming from me, because it still entails the “loan” title it seems a little better then just handing someone money with no chance of getting paid back…I guess!

It might work out but I would bet the farm on it.

As to your original question, we may have to bail out the failed Detroit based auto companies too.

You can blame that on the politicians. They won’t let them build cars the public actually wants to buy.

Can you say CAFE standards?

Michael is correct. Detroit is next, they better hurry though or WAMU is going to beat them to the punch!

Looks like WAMU is being taken over by Citi or Wells Fargo.

Looks like Wachovia is joining forces with Morgan Stanley.