Are the Dallas Cowboys still "America's Team?"

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Sunday night ‘America’s Team’ were Tom Brady’s b!+ch once again. This is the 2nd consecutive time that Tampa has whooped Dallas on a season’s opener, once at home and then again on Sunday in Dallas. Nice taxpayer built stadium though, probably should have gone a bit deeper on a QB, no? :thinking:

Go Bills!!

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cowboys baby we them boys!

Not since Jerry Jones bought them, fired Tom Landry, and systematically destroyed the team with prima-donna players!

I gotta say I love patrick mahomes though he is a awesome player to watch.

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To be called America’s team you should have to represent most of America. Unfortunately Texas fails miserably to do just that.


JETS - JETS - JETS !!, Oh sorry got carried away.

hater alert

jets baby joe namath was the man. gotta love him.

this is a awesome conversation to have with the SQUAD.

The Cowboys, “America’s Team”? Is this a back to the future question?

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Vikings were here before cowboys. Long before.


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