Are there soil specialists here?

I think Paul is Correct . Cat litter.
Trivia for the day Moles hair grows straight out from the body so they can back up in their tunnel . If it was slanted back like most animals then it would jam up and they could not back up .In my area the moles we have are have a star on their nose hence name star moles Roy Cooke
Healthy ground grows lots of Worms…Worms bring Moles . No worms no moles incidental Voles are a different animal many people call voles Field Mice but not the same

It’s a very considerate home owner who puts cat litter out for the voles to use.

You can buy cat litter in different boxes one type of box says on the out side great to put under your wheels when stuck on ice . Same stuff.

Thats what I thought we have them by the millions up here and I’ve never seen them out of the water. I thought you yanks had a special breed down there. :smiley: