Are there too many home inspectors around ?

I’m not sure what a defiant beating is.:wink:

I have quite a list of IP addresses from my “have inspector call me button” being pushed.

Most of them are from the little boys in Canada immeditelately after I give Roy boy some well deserved jazz.

You figure it out.

I think it is funny as hell as they are such p-u-s-s-i-e-s

There little club is a joke and not very smart.:shock:

Keep it up boys I have your IPs :shock:

Wow someone pushing your buttons , lol I wonder why, you certainly do not deserve that . PSSSt i always do it upfront .:wink:

Send a complaint about spam abuse and a request for information to copied to eric.morin at the address in the NSLOOKUP record, along with the date and time of the event and the IP address and they will, (and are obliged to, by Canadian Law) let you know exactly where the IP address was registered at the time of the event.

You will then be able to pin point accurately the event to the culprit. If they are still under the membership umbrella of InterNACHI relevant ESOP measures can be taken, if the information is passed to us at OntarioACHI we will monitor for similar abuses and take action accordingly.

The original comment from Juan was, in my view, not conducive to a professional response to the original question. The alleged subsequent offline action however, mis-using the services provided by InterNACHI is even less than professional and worthy of public condemnation and public exposure.

There are a number of Inspection services that use xplornet as their hosting provider.

Here’s a sample:

Sadly, I have to agree, these are all Canadian inspection companies and come from across Canada. In defence of the person who the guilt is pointed to in this thread, all of his registered sites are hosted in the U.S.

I’ve pinned the IP address to come from a server located in or around the junction of South Street and Rideau Ferry Road in Perth Ontario. Sorry, without using some of my more “specialist” computer skills I can’t track it any closer than that.

Good work Len!
I hope someone can catch him before the next round.

The way I see it the veteran inspector sealed his own fate. It is very apparent that he did not adapt with the evolution of the profession. He was probably an inspector when there was about 20 of them in his area and he really didin’t have to market. Well, times have changed and it is no longer the “Old boys club”, the new guys are out performing, out thinking and out inspecting the veterans. They are using technology to the max. Thinking outside the box in marketing. Performing a superior job in a professional manner and plain and simple they are hungry.

How can a person in a profession for 25 years be without a great client base? I will tell you why and how. They did not take care of their client base and assumed it would always be there. They are performing jobs in a manner that is obsolete or no longer wanted. They are performing an inspection that people feel they have no value, There has to be VALUE in premium pricing.

Yes, there are too many inspectors. But exactly what does that mean? There are 600 Home Inspectors in 2 counties that I am in. We seem to do OK. Once again, 600 HOME INSPECTORS in 2 counties…

I don’t see it as “to many home inspectors” I see it as that person did not maintain a company that evolved with the times. We get tons of calls where the first questions is “How much for a home inspection”. What do expect? It is YOUR job to educate them on the VALUE of your service, if they feel there is no VALUE to the higher price, you make $30,000 a year after 25 years.

We also get many calls that give us the inspection information and never even ask the price. They want “it all” and make sure it is comprehensive. We were recommended by ------- and they said you were worth the extra money. When can that be done by? No mention of price or how much…when your recommended by a person they buyer trusts, money is not an object.

For those who want to take over entire areas, not a bad goal. It will never ever happen. Not saying you can’t get a good share, but you will never be everything to everyone. You need to find your niche, your referal source and treat them well. Trying to market or please the masses will find you out of the profession faster than it took you to get into it…

In any business (Inspections, pizza, etc), if you have to rely on freak moments in time where you are only busy because demand is temporarily outstripping supply… you might as well forgetabouit and get a job.

Marketing matters.

Nick, I’d agree that to get the work in the first place marketing matters, but to get repeat business and extend your referral network, you need to perform outstanding work and provide a service above and beyond that which is available from the competition.

Each on in isolation will only get you so far, and without the latter, no matter how much you spend on marketing your time in the business is limited.

The pie is small and the new Home Inspectors failure rate still runs about 90% in the first three years .

According to Statistics Canada most small businesses fail because of weak general management, weak financial management, or weak marketing capabilities.

On average, 30% fail within five years. In particular the report (
goes on to say “The main reason for failure is inexperienced management. Managers of bankrupt firms do not have the experience, knowledge, or vision to run their businesses. Even as the firms age and management experience increases, knowledge and vision remain critical deficiencies that contribute to failure” (Ibid)

If what Roy says is true about the rate of failures on “New HI’s” it’s not because of a lack of market, it’s because we’ve not done our homework from the get-go, not marketed properly and not followed through on the commitment to provide the services we say we offer.

The report goes on to say “Businesses with revenues of less than $30,000 had significantly higher business failure rates than those observed for businesses with revenues of more than $30,000. Of those businesses with revenues of less than $30,000 that started in 2001, 55.0 percent survived after three years and only 36.1 percent survived after five years” (Ibid).

This would suggest if you are making, or looking to make, less than $30,000 from your business in any year, you either need to fold-up shop or think of a way of improving your business model.

Just waiting for other businesses to go under to get their work will not succeed. Bad mouthing the competition will not work. Dissing more established/less established business will not work.

You need to promote your business, and prove you can do what you say. As the old quality motto goes, “Say what you do, do what you say, prove it”

You keep saying this. Show us the facts. Your telling us to go look in the MB archives and see who isn’t here anymore is BOGUS. There are dozens of reasons why someone would no longer be here and not have left the inspecting profession. Also, many you think have left, haven’t. They’re still here, just tired of responding to the same old questions week after week, or, the cry-baby attitudes of many older members that feel they are entitled just because they have been here since the beginning or are themselves older than dirt. BS!

Interesting thing… I see as many (or more) “veteran” inspectors going out of business as I do newer inspectors. Some of them like to call it ‘retiring’. Others are diversifying into other (bigger and better) related fields and are done with “inspecting”. Does that mean they failed? No!

I know of many newer inspectors that are kicking the sh*t out of veteran inspectors. Many are motivated and willing to learn where the old guys can/will barely get off their arses anymore.

You keep demanding that others provide the facts to support their statements… now you do the same, or stop making the (false) statements.

Thanks, Len.

I also agree with this Len! That is why I know not missing this Market workshop is so important and I am glad you are going to be able to be there. I have someone working on my new Website he says is going to be well worth it as he takes care of allot of clients in my area. Other avenue I am thinking about is a complete vehicle wrap. I hope some of this will be discussed at this meeting.

Do you believe you can teach anyone how to be succesful? Just asking a question. I can be the marketing guru of the universe, but if my personality, presentation and customer service suck, what good is a great website?

I am asking, I don’t know your the Guru…

I am keeping a list of the names of the people who have written about your class and want to see where they are 3 years from now. The here and now to get people pumped up is easy to do. Hell its all over this site. Tons and tons of information, but without self discipline, motivation and direction its all just a momentary high, like smoking a joint, you feel good for a little while, but when you come down, all lifes problems are still there, minus 2 bags of doritos…

Agree or disagree?

I agree that if you go to the Market meeting and apply all that is learned plus have the smarts to watch your personality, presentation, report and image, you should be able to increase you business presence and if you can’t then you should find a full time job.

I think part of the class involves improvement of your presentation which helps your public personality automatically.Heck some of the biggest arses on this forum make the most I bet.
You also mention something about “without direction”…well there is another reason to take the class.
Without joining NACHI my business my have never gotten off the ground and Nick being the Author of this association just may have a little more insite than most do you not agree ?

Are you suggesting nothing good comes out of this class and all should just figure they got it or they do not and give up if not born with a morphogenetic knowledge of the Inspection Industry ?

Yes you must have a drive to succeed but but if driving in the dark you better get a road map.

Simply taking educational classes does not make a business and that is where the tour comes in I’m sure but will let you know after Tuesday night.

Much of what goes on or conveyed might be nothing new yet those shots of adrenalin given at a presentation are needed to help us re calibrate or goals and methods of getting there.

Just got a call for an Inspection on the outer edge of my service area while typing this sentance and referred a fellow NACHI member.

Is there some way I could have used this call as an opportunity ?
I have a great presentation,sometimes a good personality…:twisted: ,but need direction.

Glad to attend this class and as my membership fee can be reduced by the amount spent to attend what am I losing ?

Well gotta send out a confirmation on a texted booking from sometime around 1:00 am and get ready to hit todays thanks to what I learned here and put it to use which only I (myself) can do and it is correct nobody else can teach long term motivation but that is why they built a “Dunkin Donuts” down the road.
See you guys tomorrow Nick,Nathan,etc.

P.S …yes the coffee wears off but sure enjoy the heck out of it .:slight_smile:
That is why you drink 2

What is the 4th word of your first sentence? IF…that word caries alot of weight and has a huge variable.

IF ?..only if you focus on it.
Your body expresses what your mind possesses.

I am not saying his class or meetings are worthless at all. I am 100% sure they are worth the $99. What I am saying is that they are not the magic that some may think it is. It is a conference given by a man who has studied marketing and his 1 size fits all approach is against everything every professional marketing person will tell you. Can he give ideas that can help? 100% yes. Can he give direction? 100% Yes. But it is not an end to a means. What he is giving is the infancy start of what needs to be done. He is presenting ideas, which most can be found right here on this website. Many like to attend classes and would actually love to meet Nick, he is a great guy with a good presence about him.

Bob for some reason everytime I ask a question you feel as though its a huge attack. It’s not, it’s a question! Plain and simple and its a wake up for people to get into their heads that this meeting may contain some awesome information, but without self discipline, hard work, and tenacity it is just another talk by another guy.

I personally don’t think anyone can teach everyone how to become successful, there are some who have it and some who don’t. I believe everyone can be successful at SOMETHING, but not everyone is cut out for our profession and this is proven by a larger than typical failure rate.

I might be 100% wrong about all of this and there is only one way to find out and that is to go to the meeting. Which I shall do and we shall see what happens.

Why is when someone questions ANYTHING Nick does its like a huge attack or super offensive. They are just questions, plain and simple.

I totally disagree with his approach to marketing and for some reason that is tabu to disagree with it. But then again, old dogs can be taught new tricks and maybe my eyes will be opened. We shall see…

Gotta get out of here in a minute but Russ you do attack Nicks ideas a lot.
I am sure you have good ideas as well but just not like everyone has a great personality not everyone can teach and Nick has the gift of being able to teach.

I do not like to see any member attacked and certainly would feel silly paying dues to an association if I thought they were way off base.

No matter where you go to learn one must cherry pick the good and separate the wheat from the chaff (what the hell is chaff ?)

Russ you seem like a bright guy and from the posts know you make more $$$ but then so does Mafia guy down the street which defiantly does not make everything he says right.

The pattern is that 90% of your NACHI/Nick comments are negative so at least balance it out a bit.

I feel I should not go to the Boost event now and imagine that was your goal .
Maybe I am better off just staying home and doing what ?

Guide me.