Are these cracks concerning?

Three sets of cracks in the house… the first is in a bathroom doorway… 2nd and 3rd are in the garage, 2nd above utility room 3rd length of garage ceiling. House is 8 years old.

No, they are not concerning.

Absent of any additional structural concerns previously identified within the report…
Typical drywall fit & finish (shrinkage) cracking at seams…

Agree with above unless you have other evidence of issues .
Prep and Paint.

yes they are of concern, dont ever use that drywaller again

All cracks are concerning and you have to look at the whole picture to determine if there is a problem present. If it’s just those cracks without other issues, then it is cosmetic. Often doors and windows can indicate if problem is more severe.

What Andrew said. Alot of cracks will raise a red flag where you then know to check ease of window and door use as well as foundation cracks/movement.

indeed, i agree to what geff spry had said