Are These Fraudulent Registration Numbers Handed out by Kansas HI Board President?

Two months before registration is scheduled to start in Kansas, Jeff Barnes, the HI Registration Board Chairman is advertising on his website that he is a registered Kansas home inspector and is publishing a registration number of 0110-0001.

Did he award this registration number to himself without paying any fees? Has the infrastructure for registration actually been established? Did he select this number to give himself advantage over other HI inspectors in Kansas with more experience and qualifications than he has?

Is this degree of false advertising okay for everyone, or only the Chairman?

Here is what his website looks like at this printing:

Has his committee already proposed a penalty for falsely advertising a registration number?

Has he awarded any more of these fictitious registration numbers to anyone else, or just to himself?

Looky here, Kansas inspectors.

The Chairman of the HI Registration Board has used his position to award himself the “first” registration and, what’s more…he advertises it on his website to compete against you.

Do you think he has filled out all of the forms and paid the fees, yet?

Here it is…

I guess he is also either a Porcine Proctologist or Porcine Gynecologist. He does advertise it…

Boar Scope Wall Cavity Review $50.00

I wonder if he uses gel or just spits on it? :wink:

So…we have the Chairman awarding himself a special registration number two months before registration starts and before there is infrastructure in place for anyone to register…

…he uses his advantage as Chairman to put this special number under his list of “credentials” on the first page of his website to compete for work against other inspectors…

While the Vice Chairman offers the public, for $375 a pop, his special knowledge as VC of the registration board to help them “navigate around” home inspector liability limitations.

The goofy part is…we learn of these misdeeds from the press releases that these mental giants publish about themselves.

My hat is off to Gary Farnsworth…the last Kansas HI to stick with the fight, openly.

He’s not afraid to take the heat to do what is right and…by God…there are some wrongs in Kansas that need to be made right.

Many of his fellow inspectors tucked their pee-pees between their legs and maintained low profiles hoping that someone else would do the fighting for them and this is what they have earned for themselves. A terrible law with a corrupt board to administer it.

It’s time to stand up with Gary, guys. Jeff Barnes and Ed Robinson have no place determining how good home inspectors should make a living. It is time to let every representative at every level of state government know this until the Governor takes action to suspend implementing this goofy law while searching for competent people to sit on this board.

It will happen if you make it happen. Your silence will get you nothing.

Kansas Inspection board is corupt and should be investigated by the KBI. But, no-one is listening. Board members have no ethics and our using thier positions for an unfair advantage. The Kansas Law is unconstitutional and managed by ethical greedy persons whom only care about thier own lively hood. Based upon viewing Mr Barnes website, Mr. Barnes should pack it in, and resign today.

If I was an Inspector in Kansas I would have my attorney write a letter to the Attorney General of the state demanding this individual step down from the position he assigned himself to for the benefit of himself and not inspectors in Kansas he is unfairly competing against. This is absolutely incredible someone could possibly have the gall to actually do this, is this guy a complete idiot or what?

My God, he has broken the law before the law is even in place hasn’t he?

Is this guy even in a position to assign registrant numbers to inspectors once the law becomes active?..let alone give or get himself a registration number before anyone else in the entire state has received one?

Oh my goodness would I be raising hell over this deception to the Public by an individual on the board, it’s almost hard to believe Jim…!!

But he has one of those Jesus fish on his site. Doesn’t that make it ok!? LMAO - I agree with Dale, he should be asked to step down from the position.

There were eight inspectors or more in the state of Kansas that were asked to particpate in a pre-trial run of the registration system in KS. I was one of them. I presented all the proper paperwork and made payment. I placed my registration number on this signature, last week and why not

Why not? Because you were duped into participating in a fraud. Every inspector in Kansas should have had an equal opportunity to have the same ad that Barnes has on his site.

I think Mr. Barnes should be the beneficiary of a good ole fashioned “Blanket Party”.

That’s the lowest of the low. Barnes should step down. I like Dales idea.

Buck, how does it feel that Barnes is being perceived, in the public’s eye, as a better inspector.
So if Barnes is the #1 inspector in Kansas, is Molly #2?

Why would one want to participate in a pre-trial run, when the SOP among other issues have not been approved by the AG office and most liekly not be by January 1, 2010? I will operate a business under a new law that is not even ready for implementation and approved by the State of Kansas. Why were only a few asked to join this “Good Ole Boys Club.” By not asking all to join at one specific time is a violation of Law. This law and board is a joke and an embarrasment to the State of Kansas.

Jeff Barnes is already using his official position to enrich himself personally. He will be using the fact that he was the first inspector licensed in Kansas to distinguish himself from his competitors and he’ll be pointing to his “#0001” license number while doing it.

This is exactly what you warned the Governor about BEFORE he was appointed.

Read last sentence of this May, 2008 letter from InterNACHI’s attorney to the Governor of Kansas:

They can’t say we didn’t warn them.

There are no registration forms anywhere; Mike Greenwalt has yet to write them. Most rules/regs are not set yet. There are no forms to download on the web site. The AG has yet to approve the SOP’s. There are no bank accounts or any accountants as yet set up to handle the incoming funds or the board finances.

Where did your $200 go?

Maybe Molly got a new doggy bed with the orthopedic foam.

I am sad that I was not one of the lucky ones to get a low number. It would make a world of difference if I got a low one. That way, I could use my influence to get a low number, and advertise it at will. It would impress prospective home buyers and real estate agents. To heck of the job I do. The low number is the most important thing in the world to me.

Jeff Barnes is a criminal. He licensed himself and no one else.