Are These Fraudulent Registration Numbers Handed out by Kansas HI Board President?

Any way you look at this, whether you are a friend or a foe of Jeff Barnes, he used his position as Chairman to advantage himself over other home inspectors by awarding himself the very first registration number and then…two months before registration takes effect in his state, advertises it on his website with all of his other “credentials” as a reason to hire him over his competitors.

The most frightening thing about this is that Mr. Barnes rules over the body that determines whether or not OTHERS are worthy to obtain and keep a registration that will allow them to be home inspectors in Kansas.

This is reason enough to call for his resignation or dismissal, whichever the Governor feels to be most expedient.

Jeff Barnes has been the champion of this very poorly written and poorly coordinated legislation for reasons that are becoming more and more clear. It’s time to get rid of those members of the HI Registration Board who are misusing their positions for self enrichment and repeal this confusing/conflicting law.

Mr. Barnes is beta testing the registration numbers. Nothing more. LOL :smiley: